Admission is open to Indian Nationals only and is subject to the availability of seats in the classes. Admission for the new academic year is usually granted during the last quarter of the previous academic year. However the Principal/Vice Principal may grant admission subject to the approval of the school authorities under special circumstances, even after the expiry of this period.

Application for admission shall be submitted by the parents on a prescribed form costing SR 50, which can be obtained from the school office or downloaded from this website.

Admission Policy:

  1. Admission shall not be granted for children less than 2.6 years of age. Age limit shall be applicable as per CBSE norms. The following age criteria shall be followed:
  2. Grade Age criteria
    Nursery 2.6 yrs to 3.5 yrs
    Lower Kindergarten 3.6 yrs to 4.5 yrs
    Upper Kindergarten 4.6 yrs to 5.5 yrs
    Grade 1 5.6 yrs to 6.5 yrs and so on ……
  3. The cutoff date for fresh admissions for class IX and lower classes will be 30th June & 30th September respectively.
  4. Entrance test will be conducted for all fresh admissions (UKG and upwards) and the results will be discussed with parents before confirming admissions. Admission will be granted after qualifying the entrance test and on merit.
  5. Entrance Test: An entrance test fee of SR 100/ is applicable for admissions from UKG upwards.
    Entrance Test subjects:
                                           U.K.G: English and Mathematics based on L.K.G syllabus
                                           Grades I upwards: English, Mathematics, Hindi and 3rd language.
  6. Admission Documentation: Following documents shall be submitted along with admission application form
    1. Copy of passport of the student
    2. Copy of passport of the father
    3. Iqama(residence permit) copy of parent & student
    4. Transfer certificate(TC)* in original, of class previously attended – applicable from grade 2 & above
    5. Report card of class last attended (from grade VI & above)
    6. Letter from Sponsor
    7. Birth Certificate from a competent authority
    8. Vaccination card
    *Transfer Certificate issued by the previous school shall be considered valid for one month only from the date of issue.
  7. Admission without TC: For grade 1 only, if a child intends to join without a TC, a Birth Certificate from a competent authority should be submitted along with admission form and other documents required by the school.
  8. Pupils joining the school in the middle of any quarter will have to pay the full fee for that quarter. However, long absentees will have to pay the fees for all quarters in case they want to rejoin their classes. Otherwise they have to take TC after settling all their dues and thereafter seek new admission.
  9. Issuance of Transfer Certificate: Request for Transfer certificate (TC) shall be submitted to school administration office at least 7 working days in advance. A TC fee of SR 50 shall be paid along with each TC application.
  10. Cancellation of Transfer Certificate once formally requested can only be made after payment an administrative charge of SR 100. Should any such student continue to attend classes without notifying school authorities, SR 100/- will be charged to the student along with the regular fees.
  11. In case of withdrawal of a pupil in the middle of any quarter, full fees for that quarter have to be paid and the fees already paid for that quarter will not be refunded.
  12. Students removed from the rolls of the school for any reasons can seek re-admission only after paying a fine of SR 200 and all outstanding terms fees.

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